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Why do we need an integrated pest control policy as well as integrated pest control services?

It makes sense to adopt an integrated approach to pest management; systematic inspections, which allow for identification of the pest and development of the appropriate solution, followed by measures to eliminate the pest problem. Pests such as termites, cockroaches, fleas, flies, etc. have a shocking ability to reproduce rapidly in a very short period of time. Usually by the time we notice these pests, the situation is already critical. An integrated approach will ensure effective and efficient pest control services, which can be critical to protecting our health and well-being.

Cockroaches, fleas, mites, flies and rats all carry a large number of dangerous pathogens and allergens, which may threaten our health. Therefore, before moving into a new flat or office, it is important to carry out an integrated environmental assessment and pest management programme. Adoption of these measures can prevent serious pest problems in the future.

Will pest problems re-occur after using pest control services?

Pest control services will only be effective for a certain duration. Nixon pest provides a warranty period and will provide a free follow-up service during this period. A warranty period will vary subject to the type of service, the nature of the environment or other factors such as a sudden increase in waste, reduced hygiene level, etc. Periodic environmental assessments and prevention measures are the most effective methods for optimum pest management rather than a one-off service.

Will pest control services cause any inconvenience to you?

Only termite control services may require moving of your furniture to facilitate inspection and treatment. Generally, no moving of furniture is required for other pest control services. Our staff has the requisite pest management expertise and knowledge to minimize any inconvenience to our customers. What is required from customers’ is their departure from their premises for about 3 hours (subject to the scope of service) to allow for completion of the whole pest control procedure. After completion of the pest control procedure, windows and doors will be left open for a period of 15 minutes, and then everything will be fine.

Will pest control services affect human and pets’ health?

Our company uses government approved pesticides that are of “low toxicity”, “low odour” and are “environmental-friendly”; so our service is harmless to human and animals unless someone consumes a significant amount.

Why would you like to choose Nixon pest control services?

As a professional pest control company, it must meet the following criteria which Nixon has met:

  • Pest control workers with specialized knowledge, training, experience and a good attitude.
  • Using advanced equipment and technology which are safe and effective.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of tailor-made solutions; this includes timely and effective follow-up services.
  • Provide the most appropriate recommendations to ensure customers manage their pest control problems effectively and minimise reoccurrences.